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toothianaandbabytooth asked:

Black and Blue




If it wasn’t for the bloodied nose Pitch would be unable to tell the other was harmed. He had to study her form closely to see the ruffled feathers, some ticking out at odd angles which had him worried. He did not know why this sight upset him so?

She was his enemy. He should not care if she was harmed but still it made him pause for a tad to long, silence stretching between them.

"What do you need from me?" His voice tense.

The fairy queen did not respond, out cold and rag dolled in the shade’s arms. There was a rustle in her head feathers before Baby Tooth popped out. Pitch?! He must have been the closest to the incident…   The mini fairy clambered ontop Tooth’s head until she was visible, wings crinkled, and one arm hung limp at her side, as the other clutched her ribs. She began to chirp an explanation to him when she stopped, realizing he couldn’t understand her.  With a heavy sigh she began playing charades, widening her stance, slunching and scratching her head with a series of chirps that sounded like ‘ooh ooh ah ah’

He sat listening for all of two seconds before rolling his eyes and glaring at the little fairy. He guessed she was doing some monkey impression. His mind slow from the shock at seeing one of his sworn enemies coming to him for help.

"Can you fly?" The over grown shadow snapped at her. Acting like a monkey while her mistress lay in the arm’s of a person who had tried to kill her and her friends on more than one occasion. Acting like a monkey? Monkey?

"The monkey king did this?"

Baby Tooth pursed her lips angrily if he demanded she could fly. uh HELLO?! Did he NOT see her wings? They looked as bad as when Pitch had squished her back in Antarctica!  Though when he caught onto the monkey, she quickly tapped her nose before symboling small, and mini. Wasn’t the Monkey king himself, but a swarm of his little ones. Had ambushed the two of them. There had been too many, jumped them from the trees and shadows. They had fought them off, but they had landed too many hits, making them weak. Tooth had flown to the closest person she knew…

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